A collection of 1200 unique 3D automata NFTs complete with rarity tiers and utility designed to help rug victims. Element Art is a project that is dedicated to bring both the subjective value of art and objective value of utility together in a constructive way.

These unique creations are all grown from a small cluster of "cells" into organic and inorganic structures. The resulting models are then put through another generative process that applies colors, textures, material properties, and movement to create eye-catching art pieces.

This collection is currently being minted on MonkeyLabs Launchpad! Click the "Mint" button in the navbar to open the mint page.

Spherical 3D automata floating in space


Each of the 1200 Automata allow access to Rug Victim Reimbursement. This program is designed to make 3D Automata NFTs more valuable in the hands of rug victims and heal wounds caused by bad-faith actors. People who possess any of the 1200 can send in rugged Solana NFTs that they minted and receive SOL in return, up to the original mint cost.

We are maintaining a list of rugged Solana projects (link in navbar.) NFTs from these collections can be sent to us in return for periodic SOL reimbursements. This program will be initially funded by 30% of mint and 50% of post mint revenue.

Read more about it on our medium post

Spikey white 3D automata with metallic blue background


Lamellar white 3D automata with metallic silver background



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